Universitar meditez matematica

  • Publicat: 22/04/2017 8:47 PM
  • Expira: Acest anunt este EXPIRAT
  • Nume Contact: Iulian Tanase
  • Cod Postal: BN20 7HE
  • Numar si Strada: 9A Granville Road
  • Borough / Cartier: In afara Londrei
  • Zona: Fara Zona
  • Oras: Eastbourne
  • Tara: United Kingdom
  • Telefon Mobil: 07934096352
  • Website: lectiadematematica.com
  • Pret: ₤15

Descriere - Anunturi RomaninLondra.com

University Lecturer, with more than 18 years practice (6 years in online tuition), ready to prepare you for the following types of exams:

Qualification levels: KS1-KS4, GCSE, AS and A, International Baccalaureate
Examination Boards: Cambridge (CIE), Edexcel, AQA, OCR, GMAT, SAT, GRE, ACT

From addition and subtraction to integration and Kruskal’s algorithm, from elementary arithmetic to further pure mathematics and decision mathematics, I can guide you through a pleasant and useful journey into the wonderful world of “the language of the Universe”.

Free trial, free lessons during summer vacations. Price: £14.95 (€17.50) per hour.

Phone number: 07934096352 (United Kingdom)
Skype ID: itanase72

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