Fast cleaner needed

  • Publicat: 02/01/2015 1:25 PM
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  • Nume Contact: Lily
  • Cod Postal: E1 4LJ
  • Numar si Strada: 166 mile end road
  • Borough / Cartier: Tower Hamlets
  • Oras: london
  • Tara: United Kingdom
  • Telefon Mobil: 07557351222
  • Pret: ₤7/per hour

Descriere - Anunturi

I need a fast, excellent cleaner who can also iron.
Pay:7 pounds per hour
start: now or as soon as possible
preferable – speak some English but I am Romanian
Total hours: 8 usually per week. (sometimes more)
days: Tue 4 hr and Fri 4 hr
to clean 1 bedroom flat and to iron a lot.(trousers, shirts, shorts, shirts, work jackets only, one sofa cover).
to put away (no ironing): bedsheets, and all other clothes.
to change bed once weekly
to wash all clothes by colour
to dry clothes in dryer (but carefully) only certain items
to put to dry some clothes on airdryer
to wash approx 3 loads of washing every time you come.

Must have experience ironing since there will be some silk and delicate ironing.
Must be fast, although the flat is small I need someone who can put things in the right place and clean:
one bedroom: make the bed, wash mirrors with window cleaner, vacuum and mop, wash dust from window sill with washing up liquid and
lounge: wash the mat/small carpet, wash dust from table and 2 other surfaces with washing up liquid.
very small kitchen: wash dishes, put them away, wipe the cupboards on the outside and once a month inside need to wipe the plates or cups, only wash and put in cupboard immediately, vacuum and mop, move the cupboards a little to get dust from behind also.
bathroom: disinfect with bleach the small sink, toilet and bath; wash the curtain with 15 min’ wash programme, mop and then put curtain back.
organise: my things by colour, by type (skirts with skirts, dresses with dresses), no folding required, since you need to put all on hangers, except:
put all tights and socks in small bags
organise by rotation a different drawer: the sock drawer, the pants drawer, the electrical stuff drawer, etc.
buy cleaning products or other things we need.We will leave you money in a kitty.(some initiative required; if you finish the detergent, you need to buy some without asking me)
payment by direct debit is preferred.otherwise cash is fine, but much easier for me to do direct debit so you receive your money once a week every friday into your bank account.I will pay you even when I go on holiday if we can mutually agree you could do some things.
2 verbal references required.
text me 07557351222 or email me

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  1. c.mihaela in 26/02/2015 @ 6:22 PM

    Buna Lily.Daca ai nevoie de menajera nu ezita sa lasi mes la 07741805065.

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